Who was kim kardashian dating

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He also jumps into why he kept their romance a secret.

Giving a little bit of insight into his past dating life, Bow Wow told the show hosts that he first saw Kim K years ago when she used to hang out with Paris Hilton. The reason nobody knew is because of how I move."Bow Wow goes on to explain that the reason people didn't know much about his fling with the Kim was because he'd never dated outside of his race before getting involved.

As only happens in New York, at that moment a group of young models walked by.Where Kim’s makeup routine consists of something like 50 steps, mine tallies up to five at max.Where she is comfortable “owning her sexuality” (whatever that even means), I am constantly trying to downplay mine.Respectable-looking couples were pulling up to the hotel, the women dressed in beautiful summer dresses, with not a single bathing suit in sight.Ignoring their blatant judgement, I disguised myself with oversize shades and made my lady-in-waiting–slash–personal paparazzo snap a few hundred photos of me.

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Reports are now coming out that Tyga is dating again, and it's none other than hugely famous Kim Kardashian lookalike, Kamilla Osman.

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