Tupperware dating

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Tupperware dating

I didn’t have space in my kitchen for storing a surplus of empty containers.Now I have so much space that but I still don’t need more containers.I also have a set of pyrex with two small containers that nest inside the larger dish (photo below).

If I really need extra containers, I reuse glass jars.

Acting Superintendent Kerin Moloney said the tragedy of the collapse was 'magnified' because it was so close to Christmas.

He said the incident was so horrific personnel who attended the scene were offered counselling.

One of two women killed when a timber balcony collapsed at a Christmas party has been remembered as 'mother hen of the group', as the efforts of a hero witness who saved countless more lives are revealed.

Cheryl Taylor, 59, died when a balcony at a home in Doncaster, in Melbourne's north-east, gave way under the weight of more than 30 partygoers late on Saturday night.

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