Teen dating violence prevention posters and brochu

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Teen dating violence prevention posters and brochu

Make a copy of the “Instructions for Sampling” for each customer who will collect a sample.For example, if you need to collect 10 samples, you will need 10 copies of the Instruction form.Please take your samples inside and notify one of the workers that you are delivering water samples for lead and copper analysis.Do not take your samples to the front of the building.Please use the labels which accompanied your bottles.The Public Health Laboratory is no longer located in the same building as the ADH Engineering Section.

Otherwise your samples may be damaged or destroyed while in transit!

MATERIALS SURVEY: Refers to a system’s initial evaluation of materials that are contained in its pipes and distribution system in order to identify sites with a high risk of lead occurrence.

REPRESENTATIVE SITE: A sampling site that is connected by plumbing materials that are similar to materials used at other sites in the water system.

The receptionist at the front entrance will not accept the samples.

As well, access to all other areas of the building is restricted to those individuals who possess the proper security badge.

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Please take a moment to read the “Instructions for Sampling” and look over the Lead and Copper Rule “Sample Collection Report”.