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Rebecca hazlewood dating

was born in Kingswinford, England and studied at Bretton Hall and The Impulse Company, in London.Her interests include: Indian Dance, Jazz, Bronze Medallion Lifeguard, Surfing, Snowboarding, Horse Riding, Guitar, Belly Dancing. Hazlewood first appeared in Crossroads in 2002, when the newly revamped version of the once popular soap returned to ITV.

She arrived fresh from court with her co-defendant, Janine Nebeski (Nicola Stapleton) after being convicted of credit car fraud.It was obvious from the start that Janine had a problem with Arun, namely for confessing their scam in court due to her cathoilc upbringing and religious beliefs.But Arun hid a dark secret and the secret was to uncover a storyline in Bad Girls that had not been explored in the previous six series.That dumbness only seems exacerbated when the first episode hints at a love triangle (since every sitcom requires one).Two beautiful women catch Todd's eye: Indian Asha (Rebecca Hazlewood), who works in his call center, and Australian Tonya (Pippa Black), who oversees another call center in the same building.

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Indeed, Outsourced bears some similarities to The Office: They're set in offices, for instance, Todd has a certain Jim Halpert flavor, and Manji's character might recall Dwight's scheming.

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