Panda antivirus not updating

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Panda antivirus not updating

Computer Viruses: Protecting Your Computer from Unwelcome Intruders.

When you’re online, you expose your vulnerability to malicious virus that have been growing in virulence and ferocity over the last few years.

Anti-virus software is crucial to preventing virus attacks, but this strategy only works if users update their software.

More than 60% of respondents indicated their plans to terminate business relationships with a company that lost the data they entrusted to them.

In 2004, rootkits were a relatively obscure form of Trojans meant to infect Unix computers.

They may bring up a message like "Merry Xmas" or melt your display.

Most of them though, either start destroying your system or your files immediately or on a date specified by their creators—like the much-publicized Michelangelo virus, which erases important pieces of your system on March 6.

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It usually loads itself into your computer system when you run a program to which it has attached itself.

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