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The group also now believes there are psychological benefits for children to begin “social transitions,” meaning they wear clothes and hairstyles that correspond with the gender they believe themselves to be, rather than their birth gender.“It makes it a lot easier for that person to blend in,” said Dr.

To access stage one treatment, known as puberty blockers, children are no longer required to go to court as it was deemed fully reversible and felt to be therapeutic.Putting a case forward costs an estimated ,000-plus in legal fees deterring many families from launching the action, meaning the child must wait until they are 18 to start the process without the court approval.Multiple Family Court judges have indicated the issue is not for the courts.In a move that hasn't been seen in 12 years five Family Court appeal judges will sit on the case to heard by the Full Court.The case was launched by the father of a 16-year-old who was born female but identified as male from nine-years-old, the Daily Telegraph reported.

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