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I like to believe he would find them fascinating, not individually perhaps, but collectively. I could be with this person — for a drink, for a night, for a short or long while.

For years, I’ve taught excerpts of He describes studium, which is the trickier of the two, as an “application to a thing, taste for someone, a kind of general, enthusiastic commitment, of course, but without special acuity.” I can say that I’m interested in cat photos, in bathroom selfies, and/or in rainy portraits of the Flat Iron building. The one I fell in love with, was in a relationship with for almost two years, and is now my dear friend. The one who took me to a speakeasy, asked questions, and listened to the answers.

’ and ‘Are you worried your son is going to hate you when he grows up? ’ and ‘What’re you going to do when your kid Googles you?

Equal parts life coach, anti-bully crusader, sex-positivity advocate, and mom, she functions as a nerd-educator, who teaches the boys how to stand up for themselves and eventually get the girls.

‘Remember, you’re a MOM’ and ‘Remember, you have a mother’ both mean ‘Remember, you’re a woman, and there are consequences.’”I tell myself and Jenna that I’d rather model sex positivity for my daughter than silence, should she one day come across my essays.

I get, as O’Connell does, that she might be teased for it in the future or that this will be the subject of her adult therapy sessions.

These collectable prints will only be available at the Opening Night Premiere.

best friends Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith create the superhuman Kelly Le Brock by hacking into a government computer program and attaching electrodes to a Barbie doll.

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