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It’s spectacular." Updates: La Idea Fija (Argentina): Submission email for English sub corrected | Proxima (Denmark): website link added | Angle Mort (France): website corrected, status changed to currently closed, pay rate corrected (not a paying market) | Pulpcore (Germany): market is currently invitation-only | Universe Pathways (Greece): New website | Storie (Italy): new website, new GLs for unsolicited submissions | Bang! Accepts subs in English, Swedish, Lithuanian, Croatian, Bulgarian, German, Italian and Hungarian. Editor warns they will likely be slow to respond to subs, and since they publish annually, it may be years before an accepted story gets published. No maximum length, but prefer 2,000-20,000 (2 to 20 pages). He intends to contact all authors affected by this decision. Your stories have to meet these criteria: (i) the stories are not older than five years; (ii) have not been published online in English, German or Spanish. Warning: this market publishes not only the Spanish translation of your story but also the English version, and keeps both versions online in their archives.– Oct 2017: Submission email for English subs corrected. Subs should not have been previously published in Spanish (unless published long time ago in a small or out-of-print market). Sometimes accepted / translated reprints from English markets as long as not US. Long established magazine, colour cover, B&W contents. Submissions: [email protected](was: [email protected]) as a attachment. – Sep 2017: Editor Michael Iwoleit informs that his plans to relaunch Internova (formerly Nova) "can probably not be realized". What we can offer now is to evaluate stories for Inter Nova online. Completely updated and reorganized, with new material and advice. Carletti, Editor | Buenos Aires | Argentina ([email protected]). Wants stories that are daring, beyond the unconventional. Email English submissions to [email protected] as or files, Arial or Times, 12 pt, double-spaced. For this case I need your explicit permission to publish your stories online in translation." – Was: Mr.

Austrian genre magazine, published in German language. Quarterly bilingual (English and Portuguese) webzine with five stories per issue, also reviews, interviews and artist gallery. "Literature as the goal, fantastic literature as the result." Max 10k words. Accepts subs at [email protected] RTF attachments with "STORY: story title" as subject, or via upload dropbox on the site. – Renato Rosatti, Editor | Rua Irmão Ivo Bernado, #40 | CEP 04773-070 | São Paulo – SP, BRAZIL. Publishes short stories, articles, comics, and illustrations of SF/F/H. But will consider stories originally published in English if a translated (Portuguese) version is submitted. There is no longer a printed version of the magazine. Original short stories, book & film reviews, a few graphic stories. – WAS: Bojan Sudarevic, Editor ([email protected]). Magazine begun in late 2010 by former Ikarie editors. Genres: any fantastic genre but mostly SF and preferably hard SF or space opera. Your work may not be published in Danish (even through another translator) online or in print for 12 months after publication date, usually 6 months after submission date. writers from the larger international science fiction magazines and larger worldwide publishers, above more unknown writers. Science Fiction Cirklen (The Danish Science Fiction Society), which published Proxima, also sometimes issued small short story collections in magazine format of writers the Society wanted to introduce to Danes. Accepted e-mail subs as attachment in any common format (wp, word, pdf). Email submissions to [email protected] rtf, doc, or pdf attachments. Toni Jerrman, Editor | Itämerenkatu 22 B 21 | 00180 Helsinki | FINLAND ([email protected]). [Historical note: Ténèbres used to be a very high quality dark fantasy / horror magazine, digest size with glossy, colour cover, B&W contents, photos, artwork. Prefers to promote science-fiction written in French. Will consider an award winning story if written in perfect French, but their standards are very high. Publishes mainly SF and fantasy, but open to horror and other genres related to SF. Pays -100US generally for short stories (plus contrib copy). Payment: INR 750 (~USD) per original story or flash fiction. Purchases following rights: your fiction and art can be published by Indian SF in various online formats (Email, RSS, web pages, blog posts, pdf and/or other e Book formats) and/or also in form of a book and/or magazine. Submissions in Spanish and English preferred, but also accepts subs in French, Italian or Portuguese (can't communicate in these but can translate). More progressive and modern than – WAS: Martin Sust, Editor | Mezi Vodami 1952/9 | 143 00 Praha 4 – Modrany | CZECH REPUBLIC ([email protected]). Word count 2,000-5,000 words (no more, no less, no exceptions). Note: Will not notify is story isn't accepted, so do not ask for a status update. The German Nova will not publish foreign guest stories anymore in each issue, so there are less publishing opportunities in our magazines. Authors interested in taking part in the project can send their works in English or Esperanto to [email protected] (subject: Xeno), in Open Office, Word or RTF format. (Jan 2008) – March 2000 letter from editor: Publication interrupted. Mostly SF, but also published slipstream and new weird. The famous Chinese publishing brand 'Guokr Publishing,' which published Marvel and Disney, has been subsumed into the FAA. After the expiration of the six months, the author may freely submit or publish the Work (except for Chinese (Simplified Characters), which remain subject to the five-year exclusivity period). | ELEFTHEROTYPIA - "9" | 10-16 MINOOS STREET | GR 117 43 ATHENS | GREECE. "9" was a weekly Comics & Science Fiction supplement (50 pages, full colour) of ELEFTHEROTYPIA (translation: Free Press), a major Greek daily newspaper, with 200,000 readers weekly. Payment varies by number of factors (length, reprints, critical praise and reviews, genre, reputation of author. Published mostly stories that appeared in Magazine of F&SF in US. Generally restricted to masterpieces or stories written by guests of honour in Israeli sci-fi conventions. Accepts subs previously published in English markets but only if story has at most three prior English publications and no prior Dutch publications. Max length: 5,000 characters (which would typically be 800-850 words in English). Marcin Zwierzchowski, Foreign Rights Manager (replaces Pawel Ziemkiewicz) | Nowa Fantastyka | Garazowa 7 | 02-651 Warsaw | POLAND ([email protected] [email protected]). No reply to inquiries re acceptance of story with expected publ date in June 2002. Length: stories 4,000 – 7,000 words, poems and essays up to 3,000 words. Translates some stories from English into Romanian. Published in Portuguese and accepts stories in English for translation. Our goals are to develop new writers and invest in more mature SFF projects. Author cannot submit the Work to any other publisher in any language, including online, print, or other media for six months. Pay: 9 agorot per word in translated text (~2 US cents per word). Preferred length 4,000-5,000 words; max 6,500 words but will consider novelettes (~10,000 words). – WAS: Rami Shalheveth, translations editor ([email protected]). Have had stories by Andrew Masterson, Ian Watson, Robert J. Because only 12 books will appear per year, the number of places is limited. For a current list of themes and deadlines contact us at [email protected]" Accepts submissions in Dutch and English, and will translate into Dutch. Prefers fantasy & science fiction, and also crime/mystery. – Was: Michael Haulica, Editor ([email protected]). Accepts reprints and simultaneous submissions for English page.

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Submissions to [email protected] email attachment (format, Arial 12 font, 1.5 space between lines) with author's full name, any pen name, and brief bio in the body of the e-mail. – WAS: Marcello Simão Branco, Editor | Megalon Ficção Cientifica & Horror | Av. Length: short stories or novelettes up to 17,500 words. Writer will be paid 0.10 USD per word(before Chinese tax which will be 11-15%), and adaptation percentage details will be further discussed in adaptation contract." Genres: mainly SF but will consider fantasy. Accepts email submissions at [email protected] story attached (preferred). Web site is entirely in Croatian but will be adding a digest English-language version soon. Note: also has an English language version with different contents from the Greek version--make sure you specify whether you are subbing to the Greek or English version. The amount shown on the invoice was your fee PLUS the 20% tax that they deducted rounded to the nearest 5 Euros. Colour cover, black-and-white inside, not illustrated (to save space for more stories, as the editor says). Prefers classic prose narratives (no formal experiments). da Repúblico | 2750-475, Cascais | PORTUGAL ([email protected]). Published only in Portuguese and translations were done in-house at no cost to the author. da Repúblico | 2750-475, Cascais | PORTUGAL ([email protected]).

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