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Whether they're unleashing swarms of murderous kitties on an unsuspecting populous, summoning giant trolls to ravage the countryside, trying their hand at stand-up comedy (death metal style), or destroying hippies with the combined darkness of thrash and the blues Dethklok always finds a way to keep the mayhem coming. Hit up once from set up then hit enter to see Murderface play Wheelchair Bound.Featuring the world's fastest guitarist, a bassist who can pull off a wicked solo playing with his johnson, an alcoholic drummer who used to front a bad 80's metal band, an amusingly naive childish rhythm guitarist, and a singer who talks in his growling metal voice all the time and is obsessed with all things brutal, the show is never short of hilarious characters to abuse and the laughs just do not stop. Rockso, the rock 'n roll clown who uses his high Axl Rose-ish voice to screech his catch phrase, "I DO COCAINE!!! The music is fantastically metal with plenty of double-bass drums, shredding guitar, and nearly incoherent ranting (the subtitles help lots) that will make you bang your head and laugh at the same time. DISC 2: Main Menu Hit up once from play all will highlight the small of the axe on the left side, hit enter to see Dethklok talk about family.They confront the troll in the lake and attempt to sing him a lullaby with the accoustic instruments.It appears to be working until Murderface's Dethphone rings and he answers it. Murderface loses reception on his Dethphone and throws it into the trolls throat.The band decides to put the troll back to sleep so they can once again use e-mail and their Dethphones (Metal-themed cellphones).But without electronics, they're forced to use acoustic instruments.

Frankly none of the Dethklok members are actually people you'd wanna know -- they're inept, disconnected from reality, kinda sociopathic, and only Pickle seems to have real brains. If you like mature, sophisticated comedies of manners, full of witty repartee...There's loads of violent gore (exploding heads, for instance), crazy metal antics and funny scenarios -- when trying to sell their souls to the devil, they manage to drive him away with legalese.And the dialogue is pretty much genius -- Smalls and Blacha load it with quotables ("That's my bread and butter you're f***ing with"), weird conversations ("In Sweden, underwears is, y'know, the kinky stuff, worn as a fetish..."), and surreal lines ("Candy: tastes like chicken, if chicken was a candy"). Hit up twice from play all to highlight part of the logo under the D in Dethklok hit enter, there you will see the religous man from the society watching Dethklok trying to play guitar. It Has Begun~**~WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD~**~Special Fetures are located in the Dethklok logo on the main screenon Disc 1: Main Menu Up one from Play All will highlight Murderfaces mustache, hit enter to watch a longer version of Murderface playing bass with his "Ding Dong".

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Next the episodes are excatley as they were aired on TV, guitar screech and all, but I think the guitar screech is damn funny in it's own. With the exception of the immortal Spinal Tap, it's hard to think of a fictional metal band that is half as good -- or funny -- as Dethklok.