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Dating websites free fish in the sea

The ridge forms a west-opening submarine loop about 2,700 miles (4,350 km) long, connecting Tierra del Fuego of South America with northern Palmer Land of the Antarctic Peninsula.The western limit of the sea is formed by a discontinuous northwest-trending rise that separates the basin from the Drake Passage.Human predation has seriously reduced the sea mammal population, some species being almost at the point of extinction.The accidental introduction of cats, dogs, mice, and rats threatens bird nesting grounds on some islands in the Scotia Sea.Carnivore numbers are limited by food, larger predators, or disease.When human influence removes larger predators, many of the smaller carnivores become extremely abundant, creating an ideal environment for the spread of infection.The disease of most concern to humans is rabies, which is transmitted in saliva via bites.

The Scotia Sea is separated into two smaller basins, West Scotia Basin (the larger) and East Scotia Basin, by a slight rise connecting South Georgia with the South Orkney Islands.Many species of birds, mostly sea and a few shore birds and land birds, including petrels, penguins, gulls, terns, skuas, and sheathbills, inhabit these regions.Other sea life south of the Convergence includes nearly 100 species of fish and several species of whales and seals.As a result, the surviving animals are better fed and less subject to disease.Many of these predators dig dens and provide burrows in which other forms of wildlife can take refuge.

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Bruce, the Scotia Sea has a lengthy record of exploration dating back to the 17th century.

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