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Dating matt damon youtube

Also Read: Kaley Cuoco Displays Her Churning Desire With Johnny Galecki on ' Big Bang Theory' Set (Photo) “Isn’t this a country of free speech? “Matt Damon, all he did was comment, because he was asked to.

So that means I’m next, because all I’m doing is commenting.” Watch Amter defend Damon in the video.

Damon said that he never spoke to Paltrow himself about the alleged incident.

"Ben told me, but I knew that they had come to whatever agreement or understanding they had come to," he explained.

If he's talking about a contract saying he won't sexually harass, isn't that just standard in an employment contract or something?

Don’t worry, Matt Damon; Alice Amter has your back.

Damon, who has come under fire for his comments on sexual misconduct, found an ally in “The Big Bang Theory” actress Alice Amter, who told TMZ on Thursday that people should “leave Matt alone.” In an interview with ABC News, Damon said that there’s a “spectrum of behavior” where sexual misconduct is concerned.

Both Casey and Ben have been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women.

With Harvey’s power, they have helped further your career, and you have helped further theirs.

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We mean, there's a reason the Weinsteins and others are getting sued like crazy right now.

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