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Charlie Gibson, Monty Dunleavy, Jim Davis, Mike Mitchell, and Joe Mac Calister, along with a host of new names helped build the once small family owned business into a facility reminiscent of the “old days” from Elwood’s past.

The company grew to two shifts, and employed well over twenty people all dedicated to producing art glass.

Pop’s health began failing, even so he was still “the boss” until his death in 1958.

Joe assumed command of the plant with the help of Ed and Bob.

Again common sense tells me that aurora borealis was being developed, when the second world war stopped many new innovations.

After the war, the trend was for colour - hence the darker and more somber colours were forfeited for the bright cheerful AB effect.

Pop and his sons went to work developing their skills as master gaffers.

From Crystal-City, Missouri they moved to Elwood, Indiana with their children John and Rosa. Ellen died during the influenza epidemic at the age of two.

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Its popularity increased from the 1900s up to the 1930s, when the cheaply produced decorative bowls, plates, and glasses were prizes at carnivals fairs. The decorative glass was produced in large quantities and in many different colours.

The most popular colours for pressed glass were marigold, amethyst and then the much scarcer blue.

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Then there was a further revival of carnival glass jewellery in the late 1970s to early 1980s and it is still produced today in lesser quantities.