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Stuff that had a rough old groovy and funky feel, not so minimalistic.Nu Disco as a genre also emerged and it offered something different in contrast to the dry hypnotic minimalist sound that was popular at the time.More and more people started asking me to send them the tracks, so they could play them, and this is how I launched my Bandcamp page to see if there was any interest in them on a larger scale.Also through my other project, the Disco Train parties in Crack Belmer, I met Matt Kus from Berlin Bass Collective whose friendship was like a gift from the universe and has opened up new horizons for me.Also at that time 2008/09 my friends and I realised that musical gap and saw a niche, which is how the Get Deep party started.As a sort of antithesis to the majority of the other parties, which went outside of the established musical path and took risks. Basically we were like kids in a candy store, because we realised we had the opportunity to fulfill our youthful dreams, to book and then play alongside as all those legendary people that have significantly impacted on the culture that we respect so much. It went so well, that for the second one we could afford some bigger names like Blake Baxter and Marshall Jefferson, Greg Wilson, also Soulphiction, Motor City Drum Ensemble, and Hunee.

Now, with the launch of his new project “Smooth Operators” in conjunction with Berlin Bass Collective, we felt it was time to sit down and chat with a guy whose infectious appetite for music always spills over onto the dancefloor.So, I had to wrap up this phase and reinvent myself, and look for new opportunities and creative paths.I love DJing so much and I will continue to do it for many more years, but there are other sides of the musical field that I would like to discover and learn about. After the Get Deep parties were over, it opened up a big gap in my life.It paved the way for the big “classic disco” comeback, that happened a few years later.Now you had crazy piano solos or cheesy but soulful vocals.

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The cultural limitations of the so called communist regime have fallen away and there were whole new cultural landscapes to discover for the first time.

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